Project Complete!

A massive Thank you! to all of our clients, mentors and friends, for supporting us in our project this summer. With the Portage Marketing vision achieved, we are launching into our respective careers, and we can't wait to see what the future holds.


We tackled marketing problems over three intense days of work.


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“We gave Portage a defined problem that they were able to look at it through the millennial lens which is completely their wheelhouse. The outcome was a fresh strategy along with exciting tactics to support our desired outcomes. The Portage group is extremely passionate and their energy is contagious, we truly enjoyed our time working with them."

Todd Klink - Executive Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer, Farm Credit Canada

"The Portage Marketing team engaged with us in August 2017 to focus on marketing a major investment in the expansion of The Explorer Hotel in Yellowknife, NWT. In the end, the results of their research, strategic and creative thinking, and problem solving yielded more than a “few golden nuggets” that we have proceeded to implement and expect to yield material increases in revenue and profitability. I would highly recommend the services of Portage Marketing to help benefit almost any organization."

Ed Romanowski, President and Chief Operating Officer, Nunastar Properties

"Portage Marketing researched on-line travel trends and insights specifically for the millennial audiences and how they would apply to EIA. Their outcomes were customized to our specific business challenges so that made their findings extremely meaningful to us. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Portage. They were professional, creative and insightful. We will begin to implement their recommendations right away into our business initiatives. Thank you for striving for excellence in your business, Portage."

Elizabeth Dwernychuk - Manager, Corporate Communications and Creative Services, Edmonton International Airport


"EIA engaged Portage Marketing to advise on travel trends and booking patterns within the ever-growing millennial traveller passenger segment. The team executed detailed market research, explored innovative strategies, and provided EIA with excellent recommendations to move forward – all within our 72 hour engagement. It was a pleasure working with the Portage Marketing team and we look forward to implementing their recommendations into our passenger market development work."

Adrian Warchola - Manager, International Inbound Market Development, Edmonton International Airport

"The guys from Portage Marketing were great to work with. I really appreciated the opportunity to participate in the Flip72 hour process, engaging with us each day to ensure they fully understood our challenge and our business. The advantage of this quick process is that you don’t lose focus working with consultants, as you would with long term projects. After three days, they presented us with an exceptional strategy, personas, key messages and tactics that we can apply right away. I was incredibly impressed with the level of research and analysis they did in such a short period of time - I would highly recommend Portage Marketing."

Cherie Klassen - Marketing Manager, Business Link

"We had the opportunity to work with Portage Marketing in the summer of 2017. We were very impressed with their professionalism, knowledge and ability to present results in just 72 hours!  These gentleman used a variety of methods to analyze and understand our clients and the outcome of their work exceeded our expectations. Their ability to focus on an issue and come up with a solution was something our busy and small team struggled to do.  We now have the tools to move forward and implement a relevant and vetted strategy, thanks to the Portage Marketing team."

DonnaLyn Thorsteinson - Director of Programs & Operations, Square One


"It's not every day that a marketing team attempts to offer you a solution in exactly 72 hours, until Portage Marketing. They applied their flip 72 framework to our Health PAAS marketing problem, and unearthed a number of insights that our startup needed to move forward. They were extremely valuable to our growth strategy, and we would recommend their services to anyone looking for a quick turn-around on great marketing ideas!"

Luke Butterworth - Chief Executive Officer, Trioova


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